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Why keep up the gay &lsquo jokes&rsquo in s3 (they actually bookend that series, with mrs hudson&rsquo s &lsquo live and let live&rsquo in teh up to the aborted love confession trope applied on the tarmac)? If they wanted us to sympathize with mary, could they at least not try not to make her shoot the main character in chest cold-blooded, and then shows no remorse? The three (!) complaints about the jenny/vastra kiss/queer characters in doctor who were mentioned as a single point in their annual complaints report.

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This reminds me of when i was in college and my neighbor, who was getting his masters in philosophy, was telling me a bit about some of the concepts he was writing about &ndash he told us he was fascinated by the human brain&rsquo s ability to create meaning out of nonsense. Еще меня все больше и больше заводила эта ситуация — раздеться, пусть и не совсем, перед мужиками! Why write in all the homoeroticism - and then never resolve the built up tension, not even by sherlock stating that he&rsquo s gay and john saying that he&rsquo s not interested?

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Руки машинально закрыли низ живота, предоставив взору алексея мою грудь. And she could have died anyway in s4 in fact john&rsquo s reaction to her death would have been way more believable and heartbreaking if mary were a lovely wife and mother instead know.. You start in a house you live in and you put things in it and then you maybe join it to a theater you know well or something. The only way the bbc collects complaints (ie, registers them and ends up with an actual, real total number of &lsquo this show had x complaints&rsquo ) is via complaints registered via their website or letters that get sent.

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